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jason and i’ve been happily shocked at what readers are saying about From Impossible To Inevitable: How Hyper-Growth Companies Create Predictable Revenue

Best book I’ve ever read.

What I like most about this book is that it is so much different than any other business book I’ve read and the reason for that is the advice is from two people who have “been there done that”. There’s no advice in this book that Aaron or Jason haven’t gone through themselves and seen success with.

To really put it plainly, this book can help save your company millions of dollars.

I started reading your book and I can’t put it down. The best business book I have ever read!  It really resonates with me as I am a SaaS CEO in about 8 years on the journey. I had my Year from Hell already, and yes I am a bit crazy too.

I’m able to put knowledge from the book directly into my current business to see immediate impact. Certainly worth the investment.  Pleasant and easy read – and that’s coming from someone who doesn’t enjoy reading.

As a reader of Aaron’s first book Predictable Revenue, I have to say I was blown away by this book. Aaron and Jason stepped up their game with this book and delivered a must read for any B2B company who wants to create inevitable growth.

This book is absolutely essential for any B2B company that is wanting to create predictable growth. It is extremely detailed and covers not only the high level strategies surrounding growth, but also the detailed tactical execution.

Very sharp, practical advice, with no fluff. Readers of Jason’s SaaStr.com website will love the additional insight he provides and compiles in book form. And any book reader who is not yet a reader of SaaStr will certainly become one.

This book could easily have fallen short of expectations like the work of so many Supergroups but it appears that Ross and Lemkin are the Traveling Wilburys of Saas. OK enough terrible analogies, buy this book.  [Editor – don’t understand this reference to the Wilburys, but maybe you will dear reader.]

While there are seven “parts” to the book, I feel like each one could stand alone as it’s own book — there is that much information packed into each.

Biggest takeaways:
– How to know if you’ve nailed a niche
– Are you a nice-to-have?
– Corporate marketing vs demand generation
– The 15/85 rule: early adopters and mainstream buyers
– How make sales scalable (this alone could be Predictable Revenue 2.0)

Fortunately I got to read it just before launching a new product and got my team to review many of the subjects shown on the book.  Afterwords we realized how much we’d have done wrong if we didn’t decide some issues about growth before going to market.

There’s not much theory in this book – it focuses just on what actually works. For me, reading the book was like drinking a big tall glass of refreshing “real world” juice. And one other thing about the book that surprised me was how inspirational it is.

Great book authored by a match made in SaaS heaven—Aaron Ross and Jason Lemkin. Purchased it while doing growth planning for my company and it helped immensely.

This is a must, really must read book for anyone working in B2B companies or startups.

I am loving the new book. I am currently reading A Dance with Dragons, book 5 in Game of Thrones, and he got me to put that down, which more remarkable than you can know haha!

This book is all killer, no filler. I am working on turning my staff who have been “renting” their jobs into “owners” and working on establishing “forcing functions” into my projects so that their is massive intrinsic motivation to see the projects all the way through to completion.

Jason and Aaron have put together clear, insightful, and substantive ideas with case studies explaining in detail how to handle all phases of a business’s growth needs. From being at ground zero to already hitting $100M in ARR.

If you’re a VP, a manager, a sales/marketing executive, a development rep, a founder, or even someone simply looking to understand more about how to get a business to grow successfully, this book is a must read. Nothing is sugar coated in here.

From Impossible was a just a fun, authentic read you only get from people who’ve done it, not just studied it 😉

There’s lots of stuff I liked but probably my favourite parts were the seeds, nets & spears analogy; the motivation-agitation matrix; and the letters written from the perspective of employee, executives and board (that was novel, and it’s amazing what difference it makes when people simply understand where others are coming from).   Best of all was the roadmap format.


if you’ve read the book and would do a review, we always appreciate them.

aaron ‘air’ ross

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