How to Put Your Customers First

Since we started building outbound sales campaigns, we’ve helped generate millions of dollars in closed deals for our clients. We’re not talking about “meetings” or “pipeline” here.  Real. Closed. Deals.

Our number one focus when we engage with a client is helping them find a path to consistently closing deals. That’s not an easy thing to do and we, admittedly, didn’t always have such a precise focus. In fact, it took us longer than I’d like to admit to realize what we were missing.

In the early days, we focused entirely on generating positive responses and booking meetings for our clients. Each client was assigned a revenue color – red = danger, green = neutral, & super green = killing it – based on how well we were performing on these two metrics. After implementing our colors system, we noticed that some super green clients were churning while green or red clients were happy and loyal. We learned that our customers had a different metric they were measuring us against – ROI.

This realization marked the largest change to our organization since we decided to pivot our struggling (and generic) CRM company into the outbound sales space and merge with Predictable Revenue Inc..  In the months that followed, we pushed our entire team to revamp our offering and focus on two key areas: generating real value for our clients and building prospecting experts.

As part of the rebuild, we mapped out the journey from reading Predictable Revenue to closing your first deal from outbound. This is something our customers and prospects have been asking for since we started, so we thought we’d share.  Below you’ll find our 5 steps to generating Predictable Revenue, some benchmarks, and steps for advancing through each step.

Note, there is one step that precedes the steps below and that is making the commitment to invest the time and resources required to building – or rebuilding – your sales team around the principles of Predictable Revenue.  The journey will not be easy and there are plenty of pits and valleys that will shake your confidence; don’t let them shake you, ups and downs are normal.  At times, you will feel like you’ve invested months of time and thousands of dollars for nothing.  Just remember, this is a 12 – 18 month journey and anyone that tells you otherwise is either misled or is trying to sell you something.  Our Coaching or Accelerate team can help you cut this time in half. 😉

We’ve focused this article on your first 6 months with Predictable Revenue, but the journey doesn’t end here. And if there is enough interest, we’ll follow up with a blueprint for months 6 – 12 months. Also, we should note that these timelines are primarily focused on setting up your FIRST few outbound campaigns.  Readers with black belts in booking meetings will likely see faster results.