So you might be one in a million who doesn’t have rockets of desire bouncing around your brain like “i want…”  “…more money”  “…for sales to grow faster”  …”to find my soulmate”  “…to get out of this relationship”  “…to find a job or career i love” “…for my kids to ___.”   i know you have your particular list.

oh, you’re buddhist and have no wants or cravings? riiiight… how about “more peace of mind, more zen…for myself and others.”  

we ALL want something.

and if it’s on the way…great.  that’s fun!

BUT – what about when you’re just STUCK.  or hit an (apparently) never-ending plateau?   i’ve met companies who hovered around “a few million” in sales for 5-10 YEARS, before breaking through.

it’s hard in any area – money, career, health, fitness, love, romance, whatever – when you get stuck feeling like you’re going through the motions, but the leaps or even minor gainz aren’t happening.  or maybe you’re even backsliding.

it’s doubly hard after a period of fast growth…because then the feeling of stagnation is sharper because of the contrast.

it’s triply hard if you’re sitting there watching other people around you zoom past you in that area you’re struggling with.  which includes every entrepreneur & SaaS founder, ever…’cuz we always are staring at those people way ahead of us, and there is ALWAYS some biz/growth struggle we’re dealing with.  (did you read Part 5 of From Impossible yet, on “compair and despair”?)

when i find myself spinning constantly around the question “WTF else do i need to do?!?”, and i have no practical ideas for some kind of immediate breakthrough, i focus on just taking a next babystep in front of me, and then another, and another, and believe the rest will work itself out as long as i keep steppin’.

i’ve written books this way.  i shut down a business this way.  and started businesses this way.  got through partner breakups this way.  got married and unintentionally grew a huge family this way.  i 11x’d my income this way.  i’ve dealt with family health or adoption or birth crises this way.  we’re going to get to creating a Predictable Revenue podcast (soon-ish) and PredRev conference this way (2017).

i write blogs and newsletters this way...i tend to avoid them, because “what the heck am i gonna write about this time.”  or “all my ideas suck and i don’t wanna write.”  (waaah).  so i sit at my computer.  then force myself to wordpress or mailchimp.  then just start typing, and see what comes out (my original idea for this letter around sacrifice totally shifted when i started typing.)


and they work.  they break the paralysis…the mental logjam that blocks me and probably you when dealing with big stressful or uncertain $h#t when it comes up.  that logjam that happens when you feel like “nothing is going to work, so there is nothing i can do” and you just get STUCK.  paralyzed.  frozen.

whether you’re a fan of Winston Churchill (“If you’re going through hell, keep going.”), or Dory (“Just keep swimming”), keep up the babysteps.  GENIUS.

forget the news stories of huge inspirational leaps that famous entrepreneurs took.  babysteps aren’t sexy, so they get left out.   .

what are you stuck on now?  what’s one little teeny tiny babystep you can take today, even in the next 5 minutes, to move even a smidgen forward?

a babystep can’t be too small.

in our world of driving faster sales growth:

if hiring a dedicated prospector to kickstart your outbound program feels like to big a jump, interim outbound outsourcing can be a babystep way to get started in a budget-friendly, lower risk way.  your long-term solution is an inside team… but sometimes it’s just harder to start that way.

if you’re struggling with cold email prospecting and it seems like an overwhelming problem to fix, go back to the basics: do one more customer interview.  read some Nail A Niche articles.  stop emailing so damn much and focus on calling or another approach instead.

if you’re trying to convince your executives to adopt the Predictable Revenue ideas of sales specialization and dedicated prospectors – but they’re resisting (i get these emails all the time)… keep sending them bite-sized articles like Why Salespeople Shouldn’t Prospect, or google “predictable revenue book summary” to find some short and sweet articles.  or find another local CEO of VP Sales who’s a fan, and connect them.

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ps: it’s taken 5 years of babysteps for Predictable Revenue to finally make it into Harvard Business School, where Lou Shipley’s using material in an upcoming ‘intro to tech sales’ class.  thanks lou, and i’m gonna send you a copy of the From Impossible book too as a thanks.

pps: if you need massive motivation instead of babysteps, read about Forcing Functions in From Impossible To Inevitable.  that’s serious-but-scary motivational jetfuel… not for the faint of heart.